Le Clos Clin, a unique, characterful and rural stone manor near Saint-Malo and Dinard, restored and transformed into an authentic breton B&B.

Historical "No castle without a lord"

For historians or simply for those who like to know the traditional history of where they are staying.

Its ancient names :
• "L’Hôtel du Clos"
• "Le Clos à Lerbe" (l’Herbe)
• "Le Clos Labbé", named after its owner, and "le Clos Quelen"

The area of Clos Quelen presumably  originates from a former Gallo-Roman domain. This area would have continued in the tenth century, situated near the motte “la Motte au Vicomte" and churchyard of Pleurtuit.

The break is towards the thirteenth century because of the difficulty to manage large estates.

The various  owners


1446: Guillaume Labbé, Lord "du Clos" owns the hotel "du Clos".


"Eudes" or "Eon" Lord "de Quélen", "Conan de Quélen", "Marc de Quélen", "Tristan de Quélen" and "Yvon de Quélen" participate in the 7th Crusade (1248-1268).
When taking Damietta, Saint Louis is made prisoner.
Then they go back to the 8th Crusade (1268-1270) where Saint Louis died during the siege of Tunis.

The property then consists in :
• The noble farm of "la Rouauldaye"
• Bailiwick and stronghold called "la Mabonnaye"  and "la Mabonnaye"
• The bailiwicks called strongholds of "Menehy" and "du Houlx"
• The farms of "des Croix"
• The Bailiwick named "l’Assiepte au village de Trégondé"
• The farm of "la Bourdonnière"



The properties are sold to the spouses "Bonnier-Basselin" after 1704.

The property then includes :
- "Le Clos Quelen", "la Rouaudais"
- The tithe of "la Mabonnais"
- The farm of "la Bourdonnière"
- Right and location of the mill of "Gatesel"
- The farm of "la Piltais"

Due to lack of direct descent, the properties go to the "Picot de Clos Rivière" family around 1757.


The properties are sold to "Aaron Magon" in July 1774.


"René Marie Auguste Magon" inherits all of the above properties, at the death of his father, in undivided half with his mother "Anne Magon." Expatriate in Switzerland for professional reasons, its assets are seized and sold at the price of the estimate in the year V (25 September 1796). Fifteen members of the family "Magon" will be guillotined. His sister "Mary" and her husband "Dominique Julien Magon" acquire ownership of half of the set, and the other half to the mother.
After the Revolution, the properties are sold separately by the family "Magon", around 1807.
"Le Clos Quelen" then passes to the family "Raffron du Val" in 1828. They resell it in 1900, to "Joseph Ruault", son of "Montmarin".

Then :

"Madeleine Gautier" inherits the property at the death of her parents.
She resells "le Clos Clin" to "Guy" and "Victoria Macquart Terline" in 2004.


The family motto : "Consilio & Virtute" which can be translated as "Wisdom and Courage."

"Guy Macquart Terline" married in Dinard in July 1990 with "Victoria de Lambert Champs Morel".
They have four children : "Alban", "Gaëtan", "Servan" and "Clotilde".

"Victoria" in the "Magon" family :
an ancestor of "Victoria", "Félix Besnier", married "Charlotte Julienne Magon de la Lande" after the french Revolution.